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I want to say that at every stage of our developmental journey the support, the advice, and the encouragement that we've had from the team at ClickLMS has been absolutely priceless, and I also want to say that our E-learning platform has been a huge success.

It has allowed us to reach a global audience, it has allowed us to leverage my intellectual property in a way that we could never have imagined a few years ago and it has also ultimately allowed us to help a lot more people to deal with the challenges that we face in the current economic and global landscape.

I am a huge fan of ClickLMS and we see a very, very long-term relationship developing with them and it's also allowing me to grow my business in ways that I simply could not have imagined.

— Chris Barrow      Extreme Business Academy

To find out more about the Extreme Business Academy, visit https://www.coachbarrow.com/extremebusinessacademy


We were looking for a platform that we could provide educational content through, and that would manage that for us in the right way.

Personally, I would 100% endorse ClickLMS and say to anyone who is looking for that type of platform, it is easy, the support is fantastic and it really provides exactly what we want.

We can select which content we want the general dental population to look at and what our members can look at.

It provides a preview for the non-members of the sort of educational content that we are providing, and a taster. It’s a fantastic platform for us because it really lets people know what we’re doing, and what we’re providing.

For me, as an individual, I think when dealing with anything like this, it’s always nice dealing with nice people, with people who are genuine about what they do.

That’s the truth, that also makes a huge difference and that’s a big part of the endorsement. It’s like-minded people who have a passion for what they do.

— Paul Abrahams      British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

To find out more about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, visit https://bacd.com/


ClickLMS have been fantastic. They took us, they held our hand to get all the programs developed, step-by-step. It was far less painful than we had imagined. And we got the programs up and running very rapidly, probably within a month or so. It’s been a delight working with them.

I was looking to get my message out and explain BioMin's technology, the ClickLMS product is an extremely good, efficient way of doing this.

It’s a very easy to use system. Setting up the educational programs is not difficult. We get feedback about the users’ views so that we can continually update and improve our offering and information. And also, it’s very easy to add additional programs to continue the interaction with the user.

So overall, it’s a great educational platform which I think would of use to many, many companies.

— Richard Whatley      BioMin Technologies

To find out more about BioMin Technologies, visit https://www.biomin.co.uk/


I had this worry when I was putting on my Splint course about how will I provide my students with CPD, how will I get the delegates the correct CPD time in a timely manner.

It made sense to utilise ClickLMS’s patented technology which tracks your users’ learning, your learners’ hours, automatically and issues their certificates with ease.

The support from Adam and Jonathan has been absolutely brilliant. It's great to have easy access to support when needed and you know with the dental background it's great to have someone who speaks your language and understands you.

Jonathan even checks on my content and works through my course first to make sure I was ready to go out to learners that it was as good as it could be.

I definitely recommended it to any dentist who's looking to host their course in somewhere who understands dentistry and the CPD requirements and wants to utilise their patented technology.

— Jaz Gulati      Protrusive Dental Podcast

To find out more about Jaz Gulati, visit https://www.splintcourse.com/and https://protrusive.co.uk/


I needed the functionality for any of my clients, or any people that come to me who say I need CPD on this subject, to easily direct them to my website and then onto the platform.

The support that I've been given has been brilliant. It doesn’t matter when I message or when I email, they always seemed to be on it and they managed to get any problem solved that I need.

It has really helped my business. It's really helped me access a broad range of people but also drive them to my website for some free resources that I mention on my webinars.

The effort involved has been worth the result. I've really enjoyed using the ClickLMS platform and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

— Jo Russell      Oracel Practice Business Solutions

To find out more about Oracle Practice Business Solutions, visit https://www.oracle-pbs.co.uk/

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