We wanted a better way to create & offer engaging certifiable content online – so we built it

ClickLMS is a UK-based business and the sister company of 4everlearning.com which has been providing online verifiable CPD directly to the dental community around the world since 2003.

ClickLMS is our software as a service (SaaS) solution aimed at institutions, associations, businesses and individuals who – like us – want to build and sell their courses more effectively online and offer their learners an easier, more intuitive and user-friendly way to earn certifiable credits.

At the core of our solution are our international patents which track all active learning online, thereby allowing learners to earn verifiable CPD or certifiable credits without the need for taking mandatory tests. Questionnaires can also be built on ClickLMS, but we believe the addition of our active learning patents gives course providers and learners alike the blended learning experience that keeps users coming back for more.

We’re an experienced team with the skills needed to help your business succeed

Our founder Dr Jonathan Rosen is a UK registered dental practitioner who built up well over 20 years of practice experience before switching full-time in 2003 to focus on delivering better learning and CPD solutions.

He is ably supported by a team that learned their trades in customer service, data analytics, business operations and marketing in a diverse range of industries (aviation, energy, telecoms) and countries (UK, France, Spain, UAE).

All our technical developments are handled internally – with many features and enhancements driven by our active and passionate customer base.